Two Way Communication

To communicate with parents, Step Ahead Daycare is using the App called ClassDojo. This is the most popular classroom management app that is used in the United States. This is a very simple and secure website which helps to keep the school community connected to the parents and their children. Everything that the parents and teachers say on the website stays private between them. Therefore, every teacher in our school uses this program to communicate with the parents. It is a free program and allows us to instantly share messages and updates. Parents will also be able to see photos of activities that are done by the students and video lessons created by the teachers, as well as videos of children singing, dancing, and interacting with their friends. It is the easiest way to see how the child is doing at school. Both parents and teachers can sign up for ClassDojo by using any device: such as the app on the phone and on the website: Teachers can invite the parents through their phone number and email to join to receive the information about their child. We enjoy using this website to create memories with your children.

System of managing children’s attendance, keep health record and communicate with the teachers and daycare administration in the private order. Brightwheel help us to avoid morning and evening lines to sign in and sign out your kids. This system also reduces morning paperwork. Each person who was approved to pick up the child will get the number they must use to sign in/out. You also will be able to see health check questions.